Sunday, May 10, 2015

Real Life

April on the island with Mr.

Let me see. With a mighty fine specimen of a man in a beautiful setting - or sitting at home, blogging with a bunch of bleating, blathering nobodies. Yeah.

Next time, and I know there will be a next time, some busybody bigmouth bitter beta, delusional gamma, or foetid old cunt at VP blabbers something about Taylor, realize that while you are holed up in your dank little corner, poking at a keyboard, Taylor is most likely traipsing around somewhere, living a life that most of you petty little people can only dream about. And I've just begun to make up for the lost years.

Putting aside my personal contempt, I will take this opportunity to commend your concerted and sustained efforts against the enemies of Western Civilization - those pernicious, malignant lumps of political correctness who revere the vile and vilify the virtuous.

Blogging was never about any of you. You really are nothing to me. It was always about speaking out against the hated Orcs, for which VP served that purpose at the time. As Jamie once said, I am to the right of Attila the Hun, so I can honestly say it is great to see your success in making the vicious scum squirm and squeal, although, if I had not already moved on, the gaggle of gamergaters, sundry converts, allies, rabble and other strange/perverted bedfellows who now inhabit the blog would certainly have done it. I am highly allergic to crowds, even virtual ones. But one does what one can. Mr. has serious skillz which he is patiently teaching me, that I would love to put to use one day - when things get realz.

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