Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summertime, When the Living Is Easy

If I were lazing in the shade of one of those palm trees on that beautiful beach, it sure would be easy, breezy and enchanting. It does me good just to look at that picture. But back here in reality, the living ain't so easy. It's so hot you can hardly breathe outside. I shouldn't blame the weather, it's that I am spending far too much time indoors and not acclimated to this 100+ degree heat. That's a clear advantage that jogging has over indoor fitness activities. It got me acclimated to all weather conditions. I'd jog in a 108 degree, midday sun without any problem at all. I'd jog in the freezing rain. I'd jog in the snow. Now, I can barely do any yard work at all without having to stagger indoors to revive myself in the AC. Pathetic. It bothers me that I have allowed myself to be so weakened as to be limited by mere weather conditions.

It can't be helped. Forex trading is a 24-hour market, closing only for a short time from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Being such and having much to learn, I am always at it - thus accounting for no posts. It's been interesting. I have little variety in my life these days. Trading, commenting at Vox's, working out, chores, and eating the quickly prepared meal. Things are so uneventful for me that I am quite sure the cat leads a more interesting life. He spends hours outside, off on his kitty-cat adventures. When he returns I'm still in the same place, doing the very same thing I was doing when he left.

Nothing more to tell here. I just wanted to post something for the few stragglers that may still come by. I apologize for abandoning those who used to visit my blog. Priorities and my determination to make this work have preoccupied my already addled mind. There's nothing left in there to enable me to write up anything worth reading. I have plenty of thoughts concerning other things, but they fizzle out as fast as a drop of water on a hot frying pan. Probably because when I focus on something, I pretty much exclude everything else from existence.

Hope all is going well with everyone - as well as can be expected in these uncertain times. Regardless of what happens, we can trust in God to get us through it, somehow, someway. Of this I am certain.