Friday, June 29, 2007

Copa America 2007: Argentina 4 - 1 USA

Imagine my surprise when I tuned in a few minutes into Argentina's first Copa America match to see the US ahead 1-0. I rubbed my eyes. Could it be? That's imposs... GOOOOOOOLLLLL! Crespo!

That's better. OK, it's 1-1 and soon the spanking shall commence. Not as soon as I expected. The first half ended and the score was still tied at 1-1.

I hope the US side thoroughly enjoyed their first-half success against the 5th-ranked Argentines. They would not fare as well in the second half. Reality stepped onto the field.

It sure was good seeing all the guys together again. I have to admit, Crespo looked much better with the long hair that he sported in the World Cup. It fit him. He seems a bit too civilized-looking in that neat, short cut. Regardless of his hair, he's still an awesome striker, scoring two goals. Cambiasso has apparently given up on hair altogether and completely shaved his head. Tevez, well, he's still The Unfrozen Caveman Striker. He got in on the fun when he went in for Messi and scored the final goal in the 4-1 rout. I expect Messi will make things happen throughout the tournament - and for many years to come as he's only 19.

The Albiceleste has a good chance to go all the way in this Copa America. has posted soccer betting odds on Copa America 2007:
    Argentina.... 7/4
    Brazil.... 7/4
    Uruguay.... 10/1
    Mexico.... 8/1
    Venezuela.... 16/1
    Colombia.... 16/1
    Chile.... 20/1
    Paraguay.... 20/1
    USA.... 25/1
    Ecuador.... 40/1
    Peru.... 50/1
    Bolivia.... 150/1


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pop! Go The Weasels

Teddy needs his teddy and a toddy
GW doesn't know if he's coming or going
Senate Blocks Immigration Bill

The band is still playing on the USSA Titanic.

There is probably a much better caption for this pic, but that's the first thing that came to mind.

Friday, June 22, 2007

There Are More Things In Heaven and Earth

UFO - a cigar-shaped brilliant white light
Reading the linked article from Drudge about a UFO sighting, 'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot, I got to thinking about unexplainable phenomena and how intriguing they are to most of us. We are fascinated by the unknown. We love mysteries.

As for UFOs, I don't know. I do know that some people are nuts or just plain liars. I do know that optical illusions can be very misleading. I do know that governments are always up to something. I do know that Satan is capable of anything. I don't know that aliens from far, far away are cruising about the firmament.

There is one incident that occurred to me that I can say is an honest to goodness mystery. Unexplainable. Just plain weird.

I was at my mother's. My cousin, her boyfriend, my aunt and myself were sitting around the kitchen table, chatting. It was a summer's night. Clear and calm. I'm facing a large window about 20 feet away. The window is not covered, so it's reflecting everything inside like a mirror as it's pitch black outside. Behind me is the kitchen area.

Our conversation is interrupted when suddenly we hear a loud explosion coming directly from behind me in the kitchen area. Facing the window, I not only heard the noise but caught the reflection in that window of a huge flash of bright white light behind me, coinciding with the explosion. There are no appliances in that area.

Immediately after the flash and explosion we hear a long drawn out sound as if the metal garage door is being raised. The garage sits off of the kitchen so it would be heard through the door that leads to the garage. The garage door was not motorized.

Damn! We were all stunned. I jumped up and ran to check the garage, fully expecting the door to be completely raised. Nothing. Everything was normal and undisturbed in there. I checked the fuse box in the kitchen closet. Nothing. I sniffed for a hint of burning and looked around for wisps of smoke. Nothing. There was not a single piece of evidence that anything had just occurred nor a clue to what could have possibly caused all this.

Had I been alone, these events would have me either questioning the state of my sanity or realizing that no one was going to completely believe me. And why should they? It made no sense at all. Fortunately, all four of us saw and heard the exact same thing and there was no drinking involved. We returned to our conversation, wondering what the heck it was that we had all just witnessed.

Ball lightning? An extra-dimensional collision? Matter meets anti-matter? An angel sneezing? Who knows. All I know is that it happened - exactly as described.

Have you guys ever experienced any unexplainable weirdness? Completely sober and with other witnesses, I mean.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Welcome to Wal-Mart & the Third-World

Every time I shop at Wal-Mart I get a slap in the face with the reality of how far the United States of America has sunk into third-world-dom. I will almost always end up walking back to my car, furious, pondering geography, as in, where on this god-forsaken planet can I escape to.

Last night was the last time I will ever shop at that third-world shit-hole. The only reason I ever did shop there is because it's one of the few stores that is open 24 hours a day, whereas the majority close their doors at midnight. You know me, always doing these kinds of things well into the wee hours of the night.

I remember when a largely white majority managed, staffed and patronized the grocery stores. Service was prompt, polite and helpful. The aisles were clean and products neatly arranged on shelves. The customer was treated with respect. They worked hard to do things right. They knew what their customers expected and that if they didn't deliver, the people would take their business elsewhere.

Today, Wal-Mart could not care less about service. They cater to little brown people who have no self-respect, intelligence or expectation of the least bit of service. Accustomed to third-world inefficiencies, nonexistent service, and indifferent, even hostile, attitudes, they are in hog heaven to simply be able to afford food, clothing and even luxuries that they'd never dream of having back in their cockroach-infested, garbage dump of a country.

Wal-Mart knows that as long as they keep their prices low that there will be an endless supply of little brown people who will flood their aisles, day and night, tax-free cash and food stamps in hand, eager to spend it all.

Wal-Mart knows that they no longer have to maintain any level of cleanliness, order or customer service. They can employ the most ignorant, incompetent cashiers, managers, and stockers. Their inventory is often lacking, shelves empty or in disarray, numerous canned goods dented. Seriously, I have to pick through to find those that are intact.

Hey, if the vast majority of their customers are filthy, ignorant Mexicans who do not care, why should Wal-Mart?

It is rare that a cashier will get through all my items without ringing up at least one price incorrectly, always in their favor, or charge me multiple times for a single item. So, I have to check my receipt and keep a close eye on what they're doing. I'm beginning to think that this is not an accident. They've probably figured out how stupid the Mexicans are so they know they can get away with it. This is bad enough, but what is most infuriating and unacceptable is their attitude about correcting their errors.

For example, last night, I bought an artichoke, so I needed some lemons for a lemon-butter sauce to go with it. There were two shelves of lemons. The top shelf was full of large lemons at 63 cents each, the bottom shelf full of smaller lemons at 33 cents each, of which I bought a few. Both prices were clearly marked, which is itself remarkable.

So, I go to check out. I'm watching and sure enough, the cashier rings up the lemons at 50 cents each. I stop her, point out that this is incorrect, and tell her the price of these lemons, and the price of the larger lemons, which aren't 50 cents either. She looks at me with that stupid, empty, indifferent expression that always makes me want to slap the shit out of the person.

She slowly, indifferently, looks around, then calls over a tall, skinny, stupid-looking redneck. I have to repeat what I just finished telling the Mexican cashier. He tells me that 50 cents is the price, there is no other price. Now, this is where I lose my patience. Not only do they just ring up whatever the hell they want, they will argue with you over it, as if you're the one who is mistaken. I insist the price is 33 cents and then have to tell him to go check it himself! Shit!

In other stores, where the Mexican plague has yet to take over, the cashier will immediately get someone to check the price, you get the item free of charge, and she will apologize for the error and inconvenience.

Not at Wal-Mart. God, how I hate that store.

He goes off to check the price now. By this time a line has formed behind me, all Mexicans, standing there - short, stupid, pregnant, a vacuous look on all their faces.

It couldn't take more than two minutes to go where the lemons are, check the price and return, yet more than 5 minutes have passed. Finally, the night manager, a whitetrash, disproportionately giant-assed creature waddles up behind the cashier and tells her that the price is 33 cents, as I had known full well.

I am raising my voice now, complaining how ridiculous it is that they are always getting the prices wrong and wasting not only my time but everyone else's who is standing in line behind me. The bitch acts like she doesn't hear me, turns her back to me, and waddles away! Not a word. Nothing. Total indifference, from both the fat slob and the peon.

The lemons are finally rung up. I immediately pay because I've already calculated the correct price and have the cash, to the penny, ready. And then, to top it all off, Chihuahua brain has forgotten to put a bag of my groceries in my cart. I grab the bag off the carousel, throw it into my cart and get out of there, swearing to never step foot in there again. I had a few other thoughts as well, but I don't need Homeland Security computers printing out my blog's name...

This is just a peek at the third-world and it's coming in all its human-demeaning forms to a neighborhood near you.

Update: Thanks to DF from Eclecticity for summarizing this whole rant quite succinctly.