Monday, August 31, 2009

August "Wrap Up"

August has come and gone without a single post from me. I want to get something in here before it is officially over. Let's see... Oh, I burned a good part of my torso yesterday - not seriously, but it was red and really smarted for a good while. Burns, even minor ones, cause so much pain. It was a freaky little accident, quite unforeseeable really. This was a first, and last, as I usually learn my lesson from these mishaps. Unfortunately, there seems to be no limit to the ways I find to do stupid things that put me in bodily danger.

I was on my way to visit Cousin at his shop and decided to take everything for a mate. So, I got out the handy-dandy pump action Nissan thermos, then partially filled it with boiling water to rinse it out. I closed the top and had just begun to shake it a little to get the boiling water all around the inside, when, instantly, the boiling water exploded out the spigot and all over me. It kept spewing out that water like it was possessed! I jumped back but it was too late. The damage had been done. I immediately put ice water all over the area to stop the burning, then covered it all in white sugar and wrapped myself with an ankle bandage to keep the sugar in place. It's all gone now and good as new. That's the sweetest I've been in a long time.

Here's the month of August in history:

1 The first U.S. Census is completed. There are four million people in the U.S. in 1790.

2 Wild Bill Hickock is killed during a poker game. He was holding a "Dead Man's Hand", two pair aces and 8's. (1876)

3 The Nautilus, a nuclear powered submarine is the first submarine to cross the North Pole under water. (1958)

4 Champagne is invented by Dom Perignon. (1693) I'll drink to that!

5 Little Orphan Annie comic strip debuts. (1924)

6 Murderer John Hart is the first person to be executed in an electric chair (1890)

6 Baseball pitching legend Cy Young pitches his first his first game, a win. (1890)

6 The Atom bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan by the U.S. (1945)

7 The "Order of the Purple Heart" is created by President George Washington (1782)

7 Through an Act of Congress, the Federal Goverment takes over the creation and maintenance of the nations' lighthouses. (1789)

8 The Daughters of the American Revolution organization is created. (1890)

8 The USSR finally declares war against Japan. (1945)

9 Animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes premieres, with new star Betty Boop! (1930)

9 President Richard M. Nixon becomes the first and only president to resign while in office (1974)

10 The village of Chicago is incorporated. (1833)

10 "Smile, You're on Candid Camera". Allen Funt's wildly popular show debuts. (1948)

11 The Beatles begin their last US concert tour. (1966)

12 US annexes Hawaii. (1898)

13 Spanish defeat the Aztecs Indians and conquerors Mexico City. (1521)

14 Japan surrenders, ending World War II. (1945)

14 Get a whiff of this...the Whiffle Ball was patented on this day. (1953)

15 The Panama Canal is opened. (1914)

16 Gold is discovered in the Klondike. (1896)

17 Construction is started on the Berlin Wall. (1961)

18 The 1,000 Islands bridge, connecting the US and Canada is dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. (1938)

19 Indianapolis Speedway holds it's first auto race (1909)

20 The Civil War is formally declared to be over by President Andrew Johnson. (1866)

21 Venetian blinds are patented. (1841)

21 Hawaii becomes the 50th state. (1959)

22 The Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre (1911)

23 The first picture of Earth from the moon is taken by Lunar Orbiter 1. (1966)

24 The infamous Mount Vesuvius eruption buries the city of Pompeii. (79)

24 The Waffle Iron is patented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York. (1869)

25 Ivan the Terrible, the first Tsar of Russia was born. (1530)

25 Amelia Earhart completes her trans-continental flight. (1932)

26 Julius Caesar's Roman army invades Brittain (55 BC)

26 U.S. Congress passes the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. (1920)

27 The island volcano of Krakatoa in Indonesia erupts. It was heard over 3,000 miles away and was one of the biggest natural disasters ever recorded. (1886)

28 Senator Thurmond begins a 24 hour filibuster against the Civil Rights Bill. (1957)

29 Walt Disney's Mary Poppins is released. (1964)

30 The Late Show with David Letterman premieres on CBS. (1993)

31 Heavy weight champion Rocky Marciano dies in a plane crash near Newton, Iowa. (1964)

I guess with all the crap that happens in this world, I should consider myself lucky to have gotten through August with just a red tummy.