Saturday, November 8, 2008

Game Over

Salt, in one of his comments over at Vox's, linked to this video. This man, Yuri Bezmenov KGB, is so totally right on that I had to post it. The proof of the truth of his words is all around us, every day, all the time.

Most of what he says here is not news. It's obvious to me, as it should be to anyone who is not one of the brainwashed, of whom he speaks. And as he so rightly points out, those who are brainwashed, the useful idiots, are incapable of seeing until it will be too late, regardless of the truth right in front of their eyes. We see clear evidence of this whenever they comment at Vox's. They are mind-bogglingly blind.

The interview was conducted in 1985. If Mr. Bezmenov is still around, he probably considers the election of that Marxist Muslim mullato as game, set, and match. Game over.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything Going As Planned

I ran across this video. It's a bit long at 47 minutes, but gives a clear picture of the reasons for and history behind our current financial predicament. It's not pretty. We haven't a chance to get out of this - there is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent the total collapse of this country. Of course, that was the plan all along. There is much celebrating going on somewhere. I relish the thought that every last one of the schemers, liars and manipulators behind the New World Order will burn in hell for eternity.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Enemy Within Gathers At The DNC

Jason Mattera, from, went undercover at the DNC. Here are three of the several videos he shot. The rest of the videos are listed across the bottom of any of these after they finish. They're worth watching - in a morbidly fascinating kind of way.

If one were to amass the brains of every leftist freak gathered there, the entirety would not amount to half a working brain. God, how I despise that worthless, useless scum.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summertime, When the Living Is Easy

If I were lazing in the shade of one of those palm trees on that beautiful beach, it sure would be easy, breezy and enchanting. It does me good just to look at that picture. But back here in reality, the living ain't so easy. It's so hot you can hardly breathe outside. I shouldn't blame the weather, it's that I am spending far too much time indoors and not acclimated to this 100+ degree heat. That's a clear advantage that jogging has over indoor fitness activities. It got me acclimated to all weather conditions. I'd jog in a 108 degree, midday sun without any problem at all. I'd jog in the freezing rain. I'd jog in the snow. Now, I can barely do any yard work at all without having to stagger indoors to revive myself in the AC. Pathetic. It bothers me that I have allowed myself to be so weakened as to be limited by mere weather conditions.

It can't be helped. Forex trading is a 24-hour market, closing only for a short time from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Being such and having much to learn, I am always at it - thus accounting for no posts. It's been interesting. I have little variety in my life these days. Trading, commenting at Vox's, working out, chores, and eating the quickly prepared meal. Things are so uneventful for me that I am quite sure the cat leads a more interesting life. He spends hours outside, off on his kitty-cat adventures. When he returns I'm still in the same place, doing the very same thing I was doing when he left.

Nothing more to tell here. I just wanted to post something for the few stragglers that may still come by. I apologize for abandoning those who used to visit my blog. Priorities and my determination to make this work have preoccupied my already addled mind. There's nothing left in there to enable me to write up anything worth reading. I have plenty of thoughts concerning other things, but they fizzle out as fast as a drop of water on a hot frying pan. Probably because when I focus on something, I pretty much exclude everything else from existence.

Hope all is going well with everyone - as well as can be expected in these uncertain times. Regardless of what happens, we can trust in God to get us through it, somehow, someway. Of this I am certain.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Luck With That

Scientists are eager to find a sign of extraterrestrial life - any sign. Billions of dollars and millions of man hours have been spent in this endeavor over the years. The latest attempt is the Phoenix probe that just landed on Mars. Yipee! I applaud the engineering feat, but the goal leaves me less than enthusiastic. In fact, I think it's a bloody waste of time and money. I'd wager that we'll never find a sign of life outside our own biosphere.

While the Bible doesn't specifically address alien life forms, Genesis does make it clear that God created Man and life on Earth. It does make it clear that Man is a special creation and that all the flora and fauna were created for us - to support and brighten our physical existence.

As I am not a devotee of the religion of evolution, it isn't logical that even the tiniest little sign of life would appear anywhere else. It would be meaningless. God doesn't do anything illogical or without meaning.

I think the thought process is that since the universe is so vast, there absolutely must exist, at the very least, the "beginning" of life somewhere out there or signs that life once did exist or that conditions (water) exist that could eventually give rise to the first building blocks of life. If a random process could create life on Earth, surely the odds are that a similar randomness can occur elsewhere.

And wouldn't such a discovery make atheists jump for joy. But, don't hold your breath waiting on that. On second thought, please do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - New Style

Now that's some tasty stuff, right? Just about everyone likes to eat mashed potatoes and gravy. Actually, I'm talking about a whole new style of mashed potatoes and gravy, a very different mashed potatoes and gravy. And the recipe is so simple. You just sit on a plate and take a big shit. OK, it's not really mashed potatoes and gravy but it kind of looks like it, if you squint - and hold your nose.

This new style may not be to everyone's liking but there are quite a few people who just love it. And they really, really resent it when people will complain about them eating this dish. In fact, at one time, the prejudice against eating this new mashed potatoes and gravy was so rampant, that they actually had to eat it in private, secret like. You know, people can be so narrow-minded. Fecesphobes are what they are. Really, it's no one's business what other people choose to eat. Just because they have a different palate than normal people is no reason to discriminate against them. Some people are even born with a craving to eat shit, but others acquire a taste for shit as they grew older.

The fecesphobes don't want this dish served in public. They say that shit has no nutritional value, that eating shit is unsafe and can even kill you. They say that shit isn't even a food and it's quite revolting to watch someone eat shit, not to mention the stink that emanates from it. Well, eating is a basic human function and some people like to eat shit. What's the big deal? And there are plenty of junk foods around that people eat all the time. Hell, some people eat worms and other revolting, stinky things. Why don't they have a problem with that?

As a matter of fact, eating shit is better for you. Obesity is a terrible problem now. All those fat slobs are quite disgusting. A diet of shit will keep you very lean. And there is always shit around to eat. It's very easy to whip up a tasty dish of mashed potatoes and gravy. Fecesphobes are nothing but intolerant haters.

But, after a long, hard-fought struggle, eating shit is finally acceptable. Oh, the shit eaters are making great strides. The new mashed potatoes and gravy are even offered as a food choice in school cafeterias. Children must be taught that eating shit is perfectly acceptable and should be encouraged to try it. We don't want our children to grow up as lard asses, do we? Yes, the social stigma has finally been erased as evidenced by the increasing references to mashed potatoes and gravy on TV shows, even going so far as having characters who are partakers of this delicacy. That wouldn't have been possible twenty years ago.

The shit eaters have a long way to go though before their preferred food is as widely available as other foods. Their goal is that every restaurant and grocery store be required by law to serve or carry their mashed potatoes and gravy dish. They have the right to eat their favorite food as much as anyone else. Please help the shit eaters by writing your congressman, senator, the prez and demand that shit eaters get their right to eat their dish anywhere, anytime and as much they want. Thank you.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dr. Charles Stanley

There are many televangelists around today. I sometimes will watch these con artists for a while like I'd briefly watch a freak show, out of morbid curiosity. The camera will scan over a huge audience and it amazes me that so many can be so gullible. God help those poor people.

At one time I would have considered those in the audience to be total idiots, deserving of being conned. I don't think this way anymore. These people are searching for help, answers, anything that will help them get through their lives. Life can be so overwhelming at times that I can see how some will grab onto anything or anyone who promise some relief, comfort and hope.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I stumbled onto one televangelist whose sermons have kept me interested. Dr. Charles Stanley appears to be a rarity among the others. There is a sincerity, humility and simplicity in his sermons, spoken in his Southern drawl, that make Dr. Stanley come across as the real thing. I like this man. I like what he says. I like his face. There are some faces that shout SOB, sleazy bastard and many of the televangelists are prime examples of this.

Here are the video archives of Dr. Stanley's sermons. If you happen to listen to any of them, let me know what you think. I've only listened to the most recent ones.

Dr. Stanley's ministry is called In Touch Ministries. I will be catching his sermons every Sunday if I'm up at that time or I'll download his sermon sometime afterwards. Have I said that I like this guy? I do.

I'm also looking around for a Bible Church to attend - it's time for me to get back into the real world with real humans. You guys have been good company but God didn't create us to be hermits - unfortunately...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Of Quirks And Things

This would be a more interesting post if it really was about quarks, as the image would indicate, but it's really about what the title reads - quirks.

I do find quantum physics to be very interesting - sometimes spending hours engrossed in articles on physics sites. That was a while back - when I could still manage to retain more than a few sentences of information in my brain. All that has changed now. Anyway, I put this particular image up here because it's close enough to quirks - and quarks are kind of quirky little things, along with those who study them. All my physics profs were pretty eccentric kind of guys, same with most of my math profs.

Back to the subject of quirks. Just a while ago I was driving back from the grocery store and engaged in one of my recently acquired quirks. When I turn off the main street onto my street, the road slopes downhill. I'll put my car in neutral and see if I can coast all the way to my house, along the driveway and right into the garage. I'm trying to get it just perfect so the car will come to a stop inside the garage but so far I haven't been to able to do that. I've pooped out in the driveway, or had too much momentum, needing to apply the brakes. I will do this in other places like in sloping parking lots or when I'm approaching a stoplight. Of course I'll only play my little coasting game when there's no traffic around and I'm not in a hurry.

I'm also a counter. If I have to sit and wait somewhere I'll inevitably count any repeating geometric shapes, like window panes or tiles or whatever. It's not an obsession, just something I'll notice...and count. Obligated to attend Mass every morning in Catholic grade school, you can imagine what a counting fool I was - every single light fixture high overhead, every pew, every person, every rail, everything. I even created categories within a group, like all the blond girls, brunettes, etc.

Then there's the impromptu race against an event. Like if I'm casually peeling an orange, I'll suddenly get it into my head that if I completely finish peeling the orange before the commercial on television is finished, I'll win. Then I start peeling like crazy, racing against the commercial. Sometimes I win these contests, sometimes I don't. And I will actually feel a twinge of a sense of failure whenever I lose. I will usually select events whose time frame is unknown to me, so I can't know how much time I have to complete my task. This makes the contest more interesting, adding a gambling aspect to it. And if I finish too soon, I'll add further requirements to my task and continue the race/gamble.

That's about all the quirks or little games that I can think of at the moment. I'm not obsessive about anything really, not in an OCD way. My behavior is quite normal from all outward appearances. And, of course, I will only indulge in these oddities when I'm alone.

Yeah, well, I'm sure you've got your quirks too. Come on, I know you do.