Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Fine Englishman

Mr. Darcy has a rival.

PBS has been airing Andrew Davies' wonderful adaptation of Dickens' rags to riches story of Little Dorrit. I tried to resist Matthew Macfadyen's characterization of Arthur Clennam, but there is something about that man that is quite simply irresistible to me. And his velvety, sexy voice doesn't help one little bit.

Even if you don't happen to find 19th-century English gentlemen as dreamy as I do, I highly recommend the series.

Once in a great while there is something really beautiful and well-done on television and this is one of those times. The second of five episodes was shown yesterday. The first two complete episodes can be viewed online at the Masterpiece site.

A marriage proposal scene in the second episode breaks the heart into little pieces. Russell Tovey, the actor who portrays John Chivery, does a magnificent job. Everybody is just great in this Dickens classic.

The story has a very timely financial subplot as well.

I don't have the time to put together a decent post here, but I did want to tell you guys about Little Dorrit. And, of course, I needed some kind of post as an excuse to embed these pictures.