Friday, March 20, 2015

Big Gay Serpent

It slithers and sidles, slowly, deliberately, nestling itself among foes. Ever agreeable, never contentious, careful to avoid cause for opposition or alarm, the serpent lulls them all into acceptance, and is even favored among the soft-headed who have been beguiled by the perverse from the very beginning.

Its foes, taking great pride in their civility, ever mindful to demonstrate as much to the world, give a voice and show courtesy to that which God considers an abomination. As long as the serpent is well-behaved, it may express its serpentine predilections openly and unabashedly, without fear of chastisement - lest the critic himself be immediately set upon by a swarm of high-minded peers, jumping in to defend their new ally, and denounce its detractor as a boorish, attention-seeking agitator who is derailing their discussion of utmost importance with the uncalled-for censure of a benign participant. Thus, having established immunity from judgment, the serpent is free to mingle its poison* within the context of innocuous and clever discourse (always 110% in support of the foes' point of view), working it subtly into minds and souls like an anesthetic, until all who have been exposed eventually become numb to its vileness and perniciousness.

The foes fancy that this display of magnanimity on their part is winning allies, and more important, serving to defuse a specific component of the enemy's arsenal, as if these grand gestures of solidarity between themselves and one who is typically counted among the enemy's ranks will somehow gain them ground in their war against a vast army of unconscionable serpents who gleefully celebrate the depravity by which the outlier wholly identifies itself. Meanwhile, the serpent realizes that the foes' willingness to form a strategic alliance signals the withdrawal of their moral and natural resistance to its all-consuming abomination, and just as important, serves to broadcast their tacit approval to a vast array of bystanders and supporters.

Under these conditions the war has effectively been conceded. Any victory won by such an alliance ensures the culture will remain, or soon become, as defiled and dysfunctional as it ever was. The serpent's side will not only continue to pursue their depraved, hedonistic and destructive existence, they will demand society sanction them, exactly as they do now, but will rightfully brook no opposition from the Christian side of the alliance, which will have forfeited all moral authority.

Whichever way this plays out, it is apparent that the forces of evil are once again gaining momentum. This is not to say that humans ever had a chance against the powers and principalities of this world. We are powerless on the battleground where the real war takes place. In this most epic of struggles we are not engaged as warriors - we are the territory over which the war is being waged. But we cannot be delivered from the clutches of evil by courting members who are, and intend to remain, deeply entrenched in the enemy's camp. Ultimately, there is only one warrior who can, and will, claim all the territory for Himself, and He will do so without compromise.

* A simple search immediately reveals that Big Gay Serpent has an ulterior motive for posting. Regardless of the topic, it will casually mention or insinuate something related to its perversion - whether in a personal, anecdotal, humorous, informative, or whatever context, as though its degeneracy is the most perfectly natural thing in the world. The creature has found a most suitable vehicle from which to further its agenda to normalize the abomination. That this overtly vile propaganda should be disseminated from the same platform where Christians have, for more than a decade, espoused Christian values, expressly conveys a declaration of triumph with every carefully crafted assault on those values.

This motive, from someone with a handle that is itself a garish neon sign, flashing, "Loud and Proud Pervert", is hardly surprising, but considering that its not-so-subtle attempt to infiltrate and corrupt has not been stopped, one must surmise that for all their supposed brainpower, the subversive in their midst continues to elude detection. Or, perhaps the exposure to graphic depravity no longer has an impact on their sensibilities, in which case Big Gay Serpent is right at home, and this post, should it come to their attention, will certainly be mocked. So be it. The truth is often mocked. However, one doubts that readers, most of whom are probably Christian, are going to salute the rainbow flag that has been run up the flagpole at VP, or are they much longer likely to congregate in its insidious shadow, which will continue to grow - as intended. At least, one sincerely hopes that Christians would not.

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