Friday, July 3, 2015

Truths From the Past

In the course of developing a new application, the XML file of the archived comments from this blog came in very handy with which to practice coding with XML that I needed to learn. And learn I did. As such, and no thanks to Blogger, all the haloscan comments have been restored to their respective blog posts. While reading over the old comments, a few things stood out, bringing to mind certain blatherings of the retardread ilk, on which I will now expound.

In particular, these comments from the past set the record straight regarding the catty claims of one backbiting old bitch. The blubberous blabberer, who on more than one occasion, while attempting to disparage me, told of how Bane would tease, mock and otherwise treat me as an object of ridicule as she and others were doing at the time - apparently to bolster their position by including in their numbers one who is highly regarded.

I never bothered to respond to the tattooed manatee, knowing she was full of shit. There is a never-ending supply of delusions that can be pulled from an ass of that size, so I allowed her utterly ridiculous claims regarding Bane's opinion of me to go unchallenged. After all, it is never about truth in these situations, but whatever blows out of the biggest, loudest mouths. I figured those not partaking in the feeding frenzy were aware of the truth, which in no way resembled what the petty bitch was spouting off.

And sooner or later the truth always comes out. These comments here clearly attest that my relationship with Bane was one of mutual respect up until the day he died, when I cried like a baby. I still miss him. That is not how I would react to the demise of someone who regularly mocked me. Trust me. The thought of any of the blathering buffoons at VP biting the dust stirs not the slightest emotion. Considering that he commented at all at my blog, Bane may have even been a little fond of me, as I was of him, otherwise, I would not have often called him "Baney". In one of his blog posts Bane requested prayers on my behalf. There is NO WAY Bane is in the same category of bitter beta anklebiters as that lying cunt claimed he was with respect to how he interacted with me at VP - or in any other respect.

On the contrary, it is those very same bitter betas who Bane held in contempt. Bane may have been a sociopath, but like anyone with a modicum of discernment, he did not suffer fools and frauds. As I recall, he had several run-ins with those same blustering buffoons at VP. And as sociopaths are known for manipulating and using people, this probably explains Bane's relationship with the Amerasian hog. I would not make such a claim as fact, but I know sociopaths, and they are as cold-blooded as they can be charismatic whenever it suits their purpose.

Unlike the catty cow, I have no delusions about how Bane regarded me, I have only the facts preserved in the comments archive. And those facts prove the cunt to be a liar. I fucking hate lying cunts like her, of which there are a few more at VP that I never bothered to put in their place. It was working with the comments here that inspired this post, recalling the threads at VP in which the bitch blabbed the egregious lie which was now absolutely and incontrovertibly refuted within the retrieved comments that had I long forgotten. But I never forgot the lie.

Bane and I communicated privately in emails, always initiated by him. If Bane had the slightest bitter beta syndrome in him, behaving towards me like those bloviating blowhards, those personal exchanges would have never taken place between us. I get along very well with men of character and integrity, whereas I have always clashed with blowhards, the pusillanimous, middle-aged frat boys, and insecure, testosterone-challenged assholes, none of whose emails would ever be in my inbox. Not that they would even try - they are even more spineless than they are bigmouths, working only in the safety of packs, out in public. They'd not a have a chance in hell in a private one on one confrontation. They know who they are. So does anyone with the slightest degree of discernment.

While going over the comments, I also noticed a pattern that was not at all apparent to me at the time. I suppose that a greatly diminished mental state back then was the reason I failed to recognize the pattern of subtle passive-aggressiveness of a regular commenter. He did eventually come out of the closet at VP, where he knew it was safe for him to put his contempt for me on full display. Alas, I regret not seeing the little snake for what he was. I not only allowed him to continue, I treated him kindly. But the other regular commenters were good, sincere men and who I still consider with fondness and respect. After restoring all the comments, if I have any regrets about quitting this blog it would be that I no longer interact with them.

Anyway, read the archived comments (click "View Archived Comments" link at the bottom of every post). The past speaks louder than fat, foetid old cunts.
Update: It has come to my attention that the fat, lying cunt is still fat, a liar, and a cunt - as she undoubtedly will be ten years from now. Some things never change. This thing is one of those things. The blubberous old bitch finally got a thread she could jump on to spew her insipid, clueless cattiness. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity slammed shut in her ugly face and she had to waddle away. The pig's prattling failed to instigate the hoped-for Taylor-bashing but was instead met by a chorus of crickets. One supposes that being ignored is a common occurrence for such a creature.