Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Harem of Yore Nevermore

It is a beautiful, cool, rainy Autumn day, and I'm stuck at the computer waiting to close out a trade, so I decide to kill some time by checking out the circus of cackling clowns. Yee-ikes. If the comments from today's posts are representative of the regular commenters at VP these days, it becomes obvious that the days of the harem are long gone, never to return - unless it would be a harem of faggots (hisem? gayem? harot? fagfest? gaybuffet?). And that's not likely to happen. But who knows. They do seem to enjoy each others' company.

Not that I give a Higgs boson of a damn, but pattern recognition being what it is, one simply notes, with some amusement, the stark change in demographics from that of a few years ago.

Vox Popoli. Come for the trolling. Thtay for the thpanking.