Monday, April 28, 2014

Twaddle from the Twats at Vox Popoli

My guess is that the clueless, catty old bitch who posts as Susan at Vox Popoli is actually projecting herself. Funny how when I was still commenting at the blog the spineless twat didn't have the nerve to take her swipes at me directly. Only now, when I am no longer around to chew her up and spit her out, does she dare show her claws. Fucking piece of worthless shit. I have a special kind of loathing for sniveling cowards like that vapid cunt.

Evidently, minding one's own business is not an option that is permitted by the gaggle of petty backbiters at VP.

If someone had not emailed me, I would not have a clue that you're still going on about me. Such pathetic, forgettable nothings you are. And so deluded that you actually imagine that I'm not only still hanging around that insipid broken record of a blog, but that I am so much affected by the petty dramas there that I am compelled to violate the ban, and even more ludicrous, that I would break my own word of never posting there again, and sneak in under a fake handle for the singular purpose of insulting Vox, who is as insignificant to me as every other one of you faceless, blathering nobodies. This profoundly ignorant presumptuous drivel only serves as yet more justification for the utter contempt with which I came to have for you. In short, Susan can shove that twaddle straight up her fetid old twat.

In case it has escaped your steel traps of a brain, I have an entire blog with which to insult, mock, laugh at, disparage, ridicule, berate, and otherwise deride you mouthy motherfuckers to my heart's content. I have absolutely no need to lower myself by attempting to comment at that blog. One of you loudmouths will undoubtedly see anything I should post at this blog and run blabbing it to everyone else. This is precisely the reason I started another blog, unknown to you busybodies. I want nothing to do with you - here, there, or anywhere, ever.

I will repeat it again, realizing full well the futility as you sniping little bitches devoid of integrity and backbone are incapable of understanding this - I will never, ever comment at that blog again - under any name. Seriously, I'm just not that into you. Your significance is a figment of your very limited imaginations. I actually have a life and quite regret having wasted so much time at that blog. You people are simply not worth the consumption of a single neurotransmitter molecule. Do forget I exist, and while you're at it, go fuck yourselves to death.

And Vox, since you have no problem being a control freak at your blog, I suggest you tell the Retardread Ilk to keep me the hell out of your threads, especially when you know damn good and well that mealy-mouthed cunt was full of shit in accusing me of posting that comment. But going by today's stats, it is highly probable that either you or Spacebunny stopped by this blog twice today, for what I can only imagine was to see if I'd respond to this most recent prattle from the incessantly wagging tongues at your blog.

You must realize it's obvious to me whenever you stop by the blog, considering I know your exact location. If you don't believe me, I'll be more than happy to publish the evidence. Frankly, I'd think you'd have better things to do than check to see what I have to say. But as I said before, you have always been quite transparent to me, so I'm not completely surprised. You are not above feeding off the drama wherever you can find it.