Tuesday, February 3, 2015

53,487 136,635 146,151 People Agree

Just noticed a number on some of the posts listed within Blogger's post editor - something about a +1'd. Having not a clue what this number refers to, I googled and got the following explanation:

"1 person +1'd this post" means "1 person clicked +1 on this post," which in facebook speak means, "1 person liked your post."

I can't even see where anyone can click +1 on my blogger posts but evidently there are quite a few thousands of people who are having no problem finding this feature and using it:

Yeah, I thought it was kind of hilarious as well.

But that wasn't even close to the count of another post that was +1'd 325,531 times - quite surprisingly. Who can know what will tickle the fancy of the blabbering rabble? If I knew, I'd be a bazillionaire, living far away from the whole lot of them.

Update: It's gone up to 136,653. Hard to believe that many people give enough of a damn to click on that +1 icon. The Interwebz is a sad, pathetic place.

Update II: From yesterday to today it's gone up almost 10,000 likes. There's no way the little man is that well-known to be that much disliked. No way. I am starting to suspect a sinister hand at work here. There is probably some robofag out there +1ing every blog post with certain specific keywords. It has to be. Evil has come out of the closet and must continuously promote itself lest people remember the reason it was in the closet in the first place.